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    A CBC News investigation has uncovered a global dating scam that stretches from Vancouver across the Atlantic to London, london.

    The scam targeted a middle aged gay man, Duping him out of half a thousand dollars.

    “I never dreamed it could affect me, But I guess it could affect anyone, stated “Tony, Whose identity CBC News has disguised defend his career and family.

    “How could I be so stupid to adore the trap,

    Tony wanted love online. He didn’t like visiting bars, And it was quite difficult for him to find companionship, So he moved into a dating site.

    Tony met a man who claimed he was from britain. This man suggested they stop presenting via the dating site and use Yahoo Messenger instead.

    Their romance blossomed over six weeks, right after Tony’s new found partner told him he had to go to Asia for business.

    While theoretically on business in Malaysia, Tony’s boyfriend claimed corrupt local representatives had frozen his asset and was demanding bribes.

    He asked Tony for a few loans that eventually totalled half a million dollars. Tony even cashed in his retirement plan savings, Before he discovered he’d been had.

    “Love is a extremely powerful, Even though it’s fake, he explained. “Love could make you do anything,

    Career con the male is “the actual other verge of sociopaths, shows VPD Det. Mark Fenton with the Vancouver Police Department electronic Crime Unit.

    “they get no empathy at all for the victim. They don’t care that individual might be facing bankruptcy, They don’t care that this person might be thinking of committing suicide because of all the money that they’ve lost,

    Fenton says it can be extremely hard to go after this international network of criminals.

    “We may possibly one cell that’s operating in Africa, Another cell that could be operating in Europe, We have a third cell that’s leading in Asia. So trying to go after they is very frustrating,

    He adds that global laws are antiquated and this type of cross border cybercrime is moving at a pace that far outstrips what any legislation can hope to carry out.

    Fenton believes a possible solution would be the creation of a global response team that would be able to respond quickly to these types of on line fraud.

    Tony hired a private inspection firm in London to find out where he was sending his money, And who was behind the sophisticated scam.

    The private detectives traced the scammers to two men linked to a company on the outskirts of London. They are part of a more sophisticated ring that likely extends to Africa and Malaysia, Using fake identities to prey on those trying to choose love.

    CBC News encouraged Tony to make contact with VPD about the scam, And local police have been in touch with British police who are continuing their investigation.

    earlier this month, An arrest was made and a type of men could soon face charges

    when Tony, The arrest is unhealthy sweet. He doesn’t to perform see a penny of his half million dollars.

    “If your date is applying for money, you recently stop it, he explained. “If it’s too good to be real, then its not true. it is precisely what I learned,

    listed here are the number of Canadian romance scams reported to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre (CAFC).

    The CAFC says almost all romance scams go unreported.

    Stats gathered up until Sept. 9, 2013.

    power: Canadian Anti Fraud centre (CAFC)

    projects demands coronavirus enquiry, pushing up pressure on ChinaAustralia on Sunday added to growing pressure on China over its handling of the novel coronavirus, Questioning its transparency and demanding a worldwide investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread. The coronavirus is thought to be have emerged in a market selling wildlife in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year. questions foreign minister, Marise Payne, Said her worry about China transparency was at a “A excellent point.

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